Artistic Math

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Art is a great example of how math is everywhere in in things you wouldn’t imagine. There are tons of various forms of art the require math to be as great as it is. In this blog I am going to explain the different art types that use math.

My first example that should be the easiest to comprehend would be sculpting. Making a sculpture requires a lot of math. Firstly, you need to know how big you would want the sculpture. After you have the basic math you must consistently do math to make sure you are making the right size and to make sure the sculpture is actually leveled.

Another way math is used in art is in my personal favorite form, music. Math is constantly used in music because artist would not even be able to read, let alone play, if there was not math. Music moves off beats and the meats are measured with math.

I could go on and on about how artists use math to create their masterpieces but hopefully you guys get the drift. Thank you for tuning in to another blog of mine, stay kool kids! Peace.

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