There’s Math Everywhere!

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Sometimes math can make you feel exactly like Kermit. I mean it’s everywhere in everything. Although Math is tiring and stressful. Its imperative to know the basics, because you’ll never make it in the world without it. Time is math, money is math, nearly EVERYTHING is math.

My name is Sirfelix, and I’m a Highschool senior. Honestly, I thought my math days would be over by now. I had to realize there will probably never be a day that I don’t do some form of math in my head. I understand the importance of math now. Although, I am not a fan of it; I understand why it’s taught so much and why we need it

In this blog, I will talk about the amazing wonders of math; with gifs to match the mood of the subject. I hope you guys enjoy my amazing math blog.

Stay tuned for new posts, see you soon!

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